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LaWanda Carter

Chat with “Dot Connector” about growing your real estate business.



LaWanda Carter is committed to providing professional, quality coaching for real estate businesses, to help them grow their business and take it to the next level. We achieve this by offering useful education based on our real-life experience working in many different markets across the US.


To become a source of knowledge for real estate businesses who look forward to improve, and innovate their business constantly, offering them the tools and education that will make them smarter and better at their job, one day at a time.


LaWanda Carter

LaWanda Carter is here to change that dynamic. She puts her solid real estate experience to work by offering useful coaching and guidance for real estate investors and contractors, enabling them to keep updated and make their businesses flourish. Her programs are crafted to suit any profile, from newcomers into the real estate industry, to experienced individuals who want to keep learning more about how to polish their craft and expand their horizons.

LaWanda Carter is a business consultant known as the Dot Connector and the founder of Carter Business Consulting. The firm specializes in bridging the funding gap for real estate investors by helping them get funding for their investment needs. 


With a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management and Finance and over thirteen years in real estate , she has both the experience and education needed to help her clients start, structure, scale, and sustain their real estate business. 


Real estate has always been a complex business, with constant new rules and regulations, and a dynamic that creates constant changes, making it hard to keep relevant and up to date with the rest of the industry.


LaWanda Carter is here to connect the dots between her clients and their needs to remain consistent in reaching their business goals and growth. She provides coaching and guidance for both emerging and experienced real estate investors. 

About Me



Carter Business Consulting developed this program to help business owners prepare their businesses to meet banks, lenders, and creditors’  standard requirements for business credit. 


We will help you build your business credit by guiding you through the specific steps which have been proven effective over the years. We have a designated team who will cater to your needs and will make sure that you are updated every step of the way. We’re here to connect the dots to your business success! 


Need funds for your business? Carter Business Consulting is here to help you! Our Carter Business Funding Program was designed to help business owners resolve any financial issues they currently have. LaWanda Carter developed effective business funding strategies that will give you high chances of getting approved for funding! 


Allow us to guide  you in connecting some dots so that you will have a smooth path to unlimited funding approvals!



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1500 Shipyard Rd

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