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Excellent Personal Credit Digital Book

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LaWanda Carter ‘The Dot Connector’ created this e-book “CONNECTING THE DOTS TO EXCELLENT CREDIT” with the aim to help everyone build an excellent credit profile.

This book tackles the step-by- step process in understanding and improving your credit. This is a cheat code to accelerate financial literacy which will help you avoid mistakes that others did in the past. It will also teach you how to leverage credit to scale your business successfully. And most importantly, this book will educate you on how to clean a credit report while building a 750 credit score that you deserve.

What other things will you learn in this book?

· The truth about credit reporting and the "Bureaus"

· Complete understanding to your credit

· How to proper structuring your credit to never get denied again!

· How to acquire high limit credit cards and hide your utilization!

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